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Angel of Consolation

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

From a letter by St Tsarina Alexandra, on the 23rd of March 1915, during her wartime work as a Red Cross nurse:

"My heart got so bad again, there was lots of work, and it helps me when the heart is heavy and, knowing you bring happiness, how not go to the poor wounded and forget yourself? My day was like that: at 9:30, a second into the Znamenya church to get my blessing for the day's work, then with Olga to the Big Palace to see a very seriously wounded officer (through the lungs). At 10.30-13.00, we worked at our hospital, with officers and men, and operations, rather often appendicitis, etc., too. Then I would go and sit with that poor officer again, for an hour or more, then pass through the other wards. After tea I would see officers to bid goodbye, before returning to the war. After dinner, off to the hospital according to necessity. Now my poor officer died, and that finished me off..."


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