Oct 30

A Beautiful Treasure of a Book

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This book was a gift to me and I wanted to say how beautifully presented it is , with wonderful colourised photographs. The text tells the story in a powerful way and has the gravity of being put together by experts in their field. Certainly a book to treasure!


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  • I highly recommend it. It presents the events in a scientific way and above all with impartiality and objectivity; and of course it portrays the Romanov martyrs' personalities with excellence.
  • Francesco Foti
    Oct 26

    "The Romanov Royal Martyrs" is an excellent biography of the Passion Bearer Tzar Nicholas II and his family. There's not just a balanced political discourse, one that shatters the propaganda and myth spread not just by the communists, but the liberals, atheists ,and the Freemasons. There's finally proper attention to their Orthodox reality and how this influenced the way Nicholas saw the world and his duty to the Country and people, Alexandra's lifelong spiritual growth, the family upbringing. I did enjoy the personal impressions of the Patriarch, priests, staretzs, fools of Christ who clearly, by the grace of God and the saints, saw how Nicholas was destined to suffering in this world but to be rewarded by God with the highest crown in Heaven. There's finally attention to his role as defender of Orthodoxy and the Church after years of neglect or even downsize by previous Tzars. We Orthodox cannot forget he was responsible with the choice of finally canonizing Saint Seraphim of Sarov. There's a lot of needed contextualizing regarding the reason why and how the Tsar was canonized which I believe is fundamental in order to understand his life, personality, role, and what he represented for Russia, the Church, the believers. The book makes a proper comparison with the way the communists and liberals saw and exploited the Tzar and autocracy to fit their own personal agenda and how the Tsar took on his shoulder the task bestowed upon him by Christ God. I read a lot about Nicholas II and Alexandra. However, if you take the reports and memoirs of the former at face value and refuse to see hoCw complex the political, economic, social reality of Russia was, you cannot understand the choices taken by the Tsar. The book delivers a very complex portrait of the Tzar and gives a true description of the fights and issues he was demanded to navigate and solve. It's written in an approachable and nice way and is complemented by evocative pictures of the family and Saint Elizabeth. This book cannot be ignored by fans and the ones who want to know about the last Romanov. 10/10